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Artist Inspired by Qualities of Baby Boomers. Ruled by The Greatest Generation. I’m Privileged to Work and follow protocols

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I use the finest Acrylic, Oil, and other media to bring life to your American Dream. The Piece will not start until we talk

You all more likely got to where you are at without a Website or Social Media Page as the first introduction of your business or career. Are you someone who moved up the Corporate Ladder, Established Your Own Profitable Company? Are you a VC or Athlete who wants to add another Novelty Item to your collection of toys? Or do you simply want to be reminded why you did this all? I’m Your Artist. I appreciate all the luxuries of product satisfaction, it’s my turn to give back, through my service.

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I’ve been in art my whole life. I’m a morally Conservative Artist who serves anyone who is polite and socially appropriate and is fluent in English so I can take your command and be of success to the work I need to do.

Conversation without AI disturbances.

Lets get out of the internet and connect with one another in person. I interview my clients before I make the art work. My dreams are true today because someone like yourself. We are simply smarter than any super computer out there.

There are Galleries and there is YOU

Your American Dream, is my Art Work. I will continue on to serve the nation with my other social work. You are my inspiration.

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Art Shows

Kaiser Permanente Art Class

MCC East Bay Ramadan Series

Knights of Columbus Christmas Party Rosary and Eucharist Series

Presentation to Stanley Kripner, Native American Studies

Veterans Memorial Show, Pop-up of Veterans Civilian life pre and post war.


Patriotic Americans. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Statements from satisfied civilians I interviewed are available upon request.


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Statement from 1st Interview

Michael contacted me (as the outreach chairman of the San Ramon Valley Veterans Memorial Bldg) asking if he could interview veterans, not necessarily to discuss our time in a war zone, but more about our lives as we existed the service and rejoined the civilian world.  Then from getting to know each veteran through those interviews he would use his fine arts skills to create an abstract art piece and chronical the interview with … Continue reading Statement from 1st Interview

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