Statement from 1st Interview

Michael contacted me (as the outreach chairman of the San Ramon Valley Veterans Memorial Bldg) asking if he could interview veterans, not necessarily to discuss our time in a war zone, but more about our lives as we existed the service and rejoined the civilian world.  Then from getting to know each veteran through those interviews he would use his fine arts skills to create an abstract art piece and chronical the interview with a piece of poetry.

His interviews were positive about each veteran’s past and the possibilities for them and others in their future. His interview questions and manner are based on research skills that through the interview, finds the healing within each veteran and maybe a different side of them. It may take time to understand why he speaks to the veterans his way, but his art and poetry that follow,allows the veteran to understand their past and future in ways they may never have seen before.

He ensured to gain the trust of each veteran. He was careful of the materials he needed to purchase and even the locations where he would do the artwork to ensure he connected with theveteran, whether it be spiritually or with respect to their relationship with his artwork and their life. Michael strives toward the American dream and through his own moral foundation, as a humble person, respecting the veterans by researching and studying to ensure the veterans are well represented through his work.

Michael Slattengren

US Navy Vietnam Veteran

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